Model Feature: Under The Face Of The Rolex Yachtmaster

There is something romantic about the Rolex Yachtmaster, even if it is traditionally a tool watch good enough to join some of the top sailors in the world in competition.

Rolex is present at the top sailing regattas around the world & Rolex is worn by the top athletes too.

Yet, when we think of the Rolex Yachtmaster we are dreaming of sailing around the Mediterranean in a yacht with fresh sea air, sun, friends & tapas. Just us?

History of Rolex Yachtmaster

Rolex first introduced the Rolex Yachtmaster in 1992. It had been 25 years since they last released a new design, the Sea-Dweller in 1967. The Rolex Yachtmaster was created as a tool watch for sailing.

Strong, durable & stylish, it takes its design cues from the Submariner and Rolex Daytona. The Submariner being Rolex’s dive watch and one of the most popular models, and the Daytona made for racing.

Since this release, the Rolex Yachtmaster has become a popular model with collectors and has grown a loyal set of admirers. Some notable changes and updates, in 1999 the Platinum Yacht-master replaced the gold case with a new case made from platinum and steel this then became the Rolesium.

As the market shifted & buyers started to want more choice and have a watch individual & personal to them, Rolex brought out a variety of different dials for the Rolex Yachtmaster in 2012.

This did anger some of the collectors & fans who had been enjoying the model since the earlier years. But, no-one likes change, that is a fact and newer buyers in the luxury market have to be accounted for. This does mean though that you can pick up a high-quality pre-owned Rolex Yachtmaster for a very good price.

The appearance of Rolex Yachtmaster

Most cases are made from gold or steel with a clasp buckle and matching bracelet. The Yachtmaster bezel is one of its most distinctive features. Large numerals span the bezel which enables the wearer to easily track elapsed time which is very useful when sailing. (newer model pictured below)

The dial is also very distinctive, with Rolex’s classic numberless dial, which makes the minute, hour & second hand stand out.

The hands are filled with luminous material making it easy to check the time in low light conditions. Many of the models have a red second hand, but the gold models use a gold second hand instead.

There is a lot more variation on the dial-in newer models, as we highlighted before Rolex released a bunch of new dials in 2012. You’ll also find newer models tend to be larger than the original Yachtmasters, the 2016 Yachtmaster, for instance, has a 44m dial compared with the 1999 Yachtmaster which has a 40mm dial, or the 2000 Rolex Yachtmaster with a 35mm dial.

Inside the Rolex Yachtmaster

Inside the Rolex, Yachtmaster is a highly advanced automatic movement. Rolex is known for precision watchmaking.

All of their watches proudly smash the chronometer tests out of the water. Many of the Yachtmaster is certified as a “Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified”, this is printed on the dials which means that the watch went through 15 days of testing by COSC as well as the tests it went through in Rolex’s laboratory.

The superlative chronometer must be accurate to within +/- 2 seconds per day. So, when you buy a Rolex Yachtmaster you buy a watch that is technically very sound as well as stylish — one of the reasons it has remained so popular.

To conclude the Rolex Yachtmaster is a fantastic Rolex model to add to your collection. You can pick up a high-quality pre-owned Rolex Yachtmaster for around $4000 and up making it accessible to most in the luxury watch world. Considering you are buying Rolex’s most technically accurate movement, this offers fantastic value.

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